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NorthEast Regional Council

Serving New England States and Upper State New York

Past Council Presidents

Thank you to our past council presidents

NorthEast Regional Council
1972-1973 James W. McLeod Merrimac Valley
1973-1975 Regina Schultz Hartford/Springfield
1975-1976 Morton Temsky Worcester
1976-1978 Joseph Mateoska New Hampshire
1978-1979 Joseph U. Fazzi Providence
1979-1980 Leo M Loiselle Bangor-Waterville
1980-1981 Edward Vogt Springfield
1981-1982 Nerina Ball Worcester
1982-1983 Elizabeth Reid Boston
1983-1984 Edward Baker Mass Rt 128
1984-1985 A. Kenneth Bonnano Merrimac Valley
1985-1986 Fred M. Proodian Mass No Shore
1986-1987 Vincent Polito Mass Rt 128
1987-1988 Grover Murray Worcester
1988-1989 Alvin H. Goldman, CPA Albany
1989-1990 Richard E. Bergquist Waterbury
1990-1991 Janice E. Chasse Merrimac Valley
1991-1992 Virginia A. Kunkel, CPA Albany
1992-1993 Joseph A. Vincent, CMA New Haven
1993-1994 Mark D. Romboli Boston
1994-1995 Patricia J. Renzoni Worcester
1995-1996 Anthony A. Varricchio, Jr. CMA Hartford
1996-1997 Paul Stetson New Haven
1997-1998 Mary Louise Nunes Southeastern MA
1998-1999 Paul A. Labonte New Hampshire
1999-2000 Eileen Kilday Albany
2000-2001 Paul Foster Worcester
2001-2002 Dan Donovan, CMA Worcester
2002-2003 Anthony Kvedar, CMA, CPA Green Mountain
2003-2004 Doug Fuller, CMA Eastern CT
2004-2005 Robb Mortin, CMA, CFM, CPA Springfield
2005-2006 Tom VanDzura, CMA, CFM Green Mountain
2006-2007 Lynn Tinter, CMA, CFM Hartford
2007-2008 Mark Whitham Hartford
2008-2009 Nancy Thomas Eastern CT
2009-2010 Linda Simmons New Haven
2010-2011 Udayan Kamerkar, CMA Worcester
2011-2013 Venus-Victoria Silva Boston
2013-2015 Leo Trottier Worcester
2015-2017 Gary Alpert Providence
2017- Linda Martin & Paul Foster Hartford/Worcester